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Our Services

Our Services

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At Aylward Heavy Haulage, we pride ourselves in providing a full range of services to our customers, from general haulage through to the transport and installation of some of the largest items of equipment ever moved on Irish roads. We have a reputation for having taken on highly challenging contracts in Ireland, the UK and continental Europe, demanding a high level of competence and technical expertise.

We have many years of experience in moving large items of equipment, whether along motorways or through city centres. Each stage of every operation is subject to the most detailed planning. This frequently involves close liaison with police and local authorities in planning the route and in timing the journey to minimise disruption to normal road users. In moving heavy loads through city centres, we work with the utility companies in drawing up plans for the temporary removal of overhead wires, traffic signs, and other potential obstructions.

Our expertise also extends to the installation of the equipment, sometimes in difficult locations where we use jacking and skating techniques to move the equipment into place.

Our aim has always been to provide the customer with the highest standard of service in every aspect of the business, based on more than three decades of experience and a team of highly-trained and motivated staff.




Our success is based on the experience and knowledge that we have gained during our extensive time in the Heavy Haulage Industry.

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